Used Cadillac XT4 for Sale in Ann Arbor, MI

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Used Cadillac XT4 SUVs for Sale

If you're looking for a luxury SUV that provides everyday practicality and adventurous spirit, our selection of used XT4 SUVs could be right for you. You can take advantage of affordable pricing while also enjoying sophisticated luxury features, versatile performance, and advanced technologies. As a compact SUV, the XT4 offers the versatility of a larger SUV and the ride comfort and practicality of a sedan. 


Many drivers choose our used inventory for our commitment to offering high-quality vehicles at affordable pricing. We provide the resources and friendly customer service needed for a convenient shopping experience. Our team is here to continue to help long after a sale with genuine Cadillac parts and certified service.

More Variety and Savings

You can save money and explore more models in your price range by choosing our used XT4 inventory. Our used XT4 SUVs are available at lower starting prices than their new equivalents. You won't have access to the latest features and technologies, but you may discover a comparable driving experience while paying less with our used XT4 models. 

The extra flexibility in your budget may make it possible to consider a higher trim level or configuration than would be possible if you bought a new SUV. With more options to choose from, you will find more opportunities to discover the used XT4 model that checks all the boxes for you.

Complementary Vehicle History Reports

There's nothing worse than buying a used vehicle only to discover it requires expensive repairs or is in danger of breaking down. Shopping for a used car can feel like a risk when you don't know its history, but you can learn more about the reliability and condition of our used XT4 SUVs with our complementary vehicle history reports by CARFAX®.

CARFAX® vehicle history reports are available for many of our used XT4 SUVs to put your mind at ease and add more convenience to your shopping experience. By simply selecting the CARFAX® icon, you can learn more about the history of the vehicle. You won't have to take our word on the history of a used XT4 since CARFAX® is an independent third party that gathers information from sources like the DMV.

When exploring a vehicle history report, you can find information about title issues, damages, and even service records to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises or red flags.

Maneuverable and Versatile Performance

The compact frame of our used XT4 SUVs lets you enjoy an impressive degree of maneuverability while navigating narrow streets and tight parking spots. You can find impressive turbocharged engines available in our used XT4 selection, providing responsive driving experiences and enhanced efficiency. Nine-speed automatic transmissions are also available to provide effortless gear shifting and engaging performance.

You can discover more traction and stability for your travels when you choose a used XT4 model with an intelligent all-wheel drive system. These all-wheel drive systems constantly monitor performance and respond to slippage by sending power to the right wheels. You can discover more confidence in low-traction conditions with an all-wheel drive system.

Advanced Technologies and Features


When exploring our used XT4 selection, sophisticated features and technologies are available to add more convenience and entertainment to your daily driving. You can find smartphone integration and driver assistance features that help you stay connected on the go and aware of your surroundings.

Find the Right Model for You

Explore our certified pre-owned inventory if you're interested in Cadillac models that come with coverage and more assurance. If one of our used XT4 SUVs looks right for you, contact us today to schedule a test drive.